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Welcome! Snake is an evolution of Wormy. Things have changed instead of changing the framerate for difficulty I have made the controls work differently in easy mode to control the snake in easy mode you must hold the directional button you want rather than press in all other difficulties you must select a direction within 2 seconds then movement will be like wormy(constant movement in the direction pressed) different score requirements for walls in each difficulty mode also each timer controlled apple has different ammount of points to add dependant on difficulty!. Controlling the snake is as simple as "w" "a" "s" "d" there are three types of apples one is always there the others are on a timer and will dissapear Walls and local highscores.

CHANGE LOG: v0.2 - Updated game logic and prevented some edgecase issues, v0.3 - Updated game logic added fullscreen, v0.4 - Updated wall logic